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Man O' War

Rising up from the depths of an 80-acre lake, this long-awaited course contains all the drama and challenge that are the hallmark of world-famous architect Dan Maples. The lake at Man O. War winds through the course, defining holes and changing from ally to enemy, as its sparkling beauty becomes a punishing hazard.

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Course Review: April 30th, 2013 Indigo Creek, Wild Wign, Cape Feara, Tradition, Pawleys
There are four of us from Maryland that come down once or twice a year, spring and the fall. The drive takes us around 8.5 hours which is not to bad as compared to some others from farther north. We used to play on arrival day but getting older and wiser we now use that day to get our supplies and get set up for the week.

   We stay in Surfside Beach in a four bedroom beach house which everyone gets their own room and bath. The weather was perfect for golf sunny 70-77 everyday, the only rain was on Sunday night 1.5 inches.

  Golf: Indigo Creek 8:19 April 14

  The course was in good shape the tee boxes, fairways and greens were all filled in nicely. The Bermuda rough was still dormant which gave each hole a framed look , like a desert course.

  Tradition Club 1:10 April 15

  We did some research on which course drains well after we got 1.5 inches of rain overnight , and decided on Tradition and that was a good choice , it was CPO but that we expected but the course did drain very well. Great course, conditions were perfect.

  Wild Wing Avocet 1:27 April 16

   Always a good choice course was excellent all around , it still sad to see the remains of Falcon and Woodstork courses just sitting there all growned over. We used to play there when all four course were open , a lot of good memerioes at Wild Wing.

  Cape Fear National 11:30 April 17

   Very nice course ,the clubhouse ,cart paths tee boxes fairways , traps and greens were all good . Fastest greens we played all week and some huge greens some close to 40 yards deep. Its a long drive about 1.5 hour from Surfside.

  Pawleys Plantation 1:38  April 18

   This is one of my favorite courses in Myrtle it just feels like down south , the conditions are always good and the scenery is too. Could play there everyday .

  Man O War 9:10  April 19

  This was the most open course off the tee we played , so it would make for a good opening day . Everything was really green and plush .


   Little Pigs BBQ Surfside on Rt 544
Bigger menu than location in North Myrtle run by same family.  
  Anthonys Pizza on Glens Bay Road 

  Quigleys Pint and Ale in Lichfield nice place good craft beer and food.

  Liberty Brewery same good beer and food.

  Breakfast Golden Egg in Surfside huge menu the fried potatoes are the real deal with onions and green peppers.

  Went to the Masters Club on Monday night a little slow but it was Monday, a lot of new girls and some regulars too they all stopped by to say welcome back home. Went back on Wednesday night and it was in full swing, always have a great time there. 

  It was nice being there over Masters Weekend we got to watch Saturdays and Sundays Final Round while enjoying Anthonys pizza and a cold beer. Another great trip , the planning, anticipation and finally getting there is what we dream of and look forward too.

  Hit em Straight


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