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Featured Course

Crow Creek

Crow Creek Golf Club is located in Calabash, NC on Highway 17, 2 miles north of the NC / SC state line and just minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Since Opening in February 2000, Crow Creek Golf Club has become one of the most popular destinations for golfers visiting the Myrtle Beach area. Created by architect Rick Robbins, a former Jack Nicklaus design associate, Crow Creek Golf Club is a scenic layout set on developer Jerry McLamb's 500-acre family homestead.

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Course Review: Oct 16th to 31st - 13 course review

Saturday 10/16 -- ARROWHEAD:

We played Lakes and Waterway nines. Conditions were good. Range balls were included.
Conditions were great everywhere. The new in 2009 MiniVerde greens were great. You can get to
AH in about 7 minutes from the airport, which is why I selected AH on this day. I don't like to repeat courses (AH in MBGT outing) on the same trip, unless it's a replay. Waterway #2 has to be the 
most frustrating/tricky short par 4 in MB, no
matter which way you play it. Waterway #5 is
the most scenic hole at AH.
Rating: 8
(Scale of 1-10 within MB, with 10=among best in MB)

< REPLAY >>> No. PM round.
=== DINNER === Villa Mare (Comments in restaurant section)


Sunday 10/17 -- CALEDONIA:

Conditions were excellent everywhere. The champions bermuda greens were perfect.
Everything was groomed and landscaped very nicely. While Caledonia's peak rate is very high,
you can see why it's the highest in MB. At a par 70, it plays like a course 400 yards longer,
if 2 holes were extended to make it a par 72. We saw a few gators. This is the most attractive MB course, without the aid of non-golf scenery. I noticed they don't have a color plate on par
4 + 5's, so indicate which tee box we are on, so we know if a hole is playing long or short. Rating:10 <<
< REPLAY >>> No
=== DINNER === Carolina Roadhouse

Monday 10/18 -- PEARL (EAST):

Conditions were good. The Bent greens had good speed and still have room to improve from
the summer. There are some brown spots in the greens, which are actually bermuda spots, which most of the bent greens I played had.
IMO the East is a little better design than the West.
When playing the East, you have to be careful hitting into to crowned greens to back pins,
because the back portion slopes away and will not hold shots that fly over the peak of the green,
so back pins are tough to get close to.
East course single tees, so you can play early
and fast or 9:30-12:00 as you desire. I saw Jimmy B the pro.   
Rating: 7
< REPLAY >>> Pearl West (back 9 - $25) Same conditions.
=== DINNER === Burro Loco

Tuesday 10/19 -- LONG BAY:

Conditions were good everywhere. Overseed starting to grow on green and seed was being
dropped elsewhere. LB will provide a approach, bunker, flop challenge. Rating: 8
< REPLAY >>> Front 9 - $25
=== DINNER === Sea Captains House

Wednesday 10/20 -- KINGS NORTH:

We had been booked at BF Dye, but we decided to change to an early tee time, for replay or
raincheck makup flexibility. Tees, fairways, bunker all in great condition. The bent greens
were fast, but not as true as in the past. Greens have ball mark scars and bermuda spots, so
about 85% of where they should be and have been in the past. There is plenty of room off
the tee, you can see most hazards, but you have to hit various iron shots with the correct club
to hit the proper tier of the undulating greens. You can get away with some loose tee shots,
but not loose approach shots.
Rating: 9.5
<<< REPLAY >>> MBN West (9 holes)
=== DINNER === China Buffet

Thursday 10/21 -- PEARL (WEST):

"MBGT Forum Outing"
I played with Ron Eades, Rich Parrish and CDNDAWG. Same conditions as at Pearl East, with greens about 1 stimp slower, but it was a PM round.
The West has some long par 5's that could use a shorter white tee, especially on #14.
We played White tees at 6005 yards, which is all most need here. Rating: 7

Friday 10/22 -- CROW CREEK:

"MBGT Forum Outing"
I played with LEFTYGAR, BOBONGOLF and Devil Dog Gerrie. The new clubhouse is great and serves dinner on Fri/Sat. Tees and fairways were scalped to prepare for overseeding. The
courses that don't do that, offer better conditions before and soon after overseed.  Rating: 7 

Saturday 10/23 -- ARROWHEAD:
"MBGT Forum Outing"
I played with Yank and Robtww. Range balls were provided. We played Lakes and Waterway nines.
Same great conditions as 10/16. The blue tees at 6600 are challenging and remove the option of aggressive/safe tee shots decisions you get from the white. Also AH is fairly tight. Rating: 8
=== EVENING === Brian hosted the usual Sat night forum party at the Caravelle.


Thanks to the forum outing
committee for keeping it going, hopefully on
the same dates. The annual meeting of forum friends was great. The rest of the trip is with some forum members and as a single. I utilized the MBN fall special of buy 3 and get 2 free, 50% off MBN
before 8:00am and a couple rainchecks.

Sunday 10/24 -- TPC:

Range balls and yardage books were provided. Today I met up with Bigred's group, since I would spend some time with them at dinner. I played with a member, who thought the greens were faster
than ever. They allowed the couple we were paired to play alone by request. Conditions were good everywhere. The bunkers were well groomed. The mini-verde greens were good and very fast.
From around 3-10 hdc, the Blue tees play nicely at TPC, because you get a wide variety of shots
from the tees and into the greens.
Even the white tees are not a pushover to shoot your handicap.
There are 3 forced carries from
the tee, that will remind you if you are playing the proper tees. TPC is challenging, but still fair.
It plays harder than it looks, mainly due to the green complexes, where most of the greens require accurate approach shots. TPC of MB is more wooded than other TPCs we see on TV. The Par 4
hole lengths vary widely with 3 in the 330 yd range and several very long par 4's. The price has
come down since TPC started marketing with MBN. Rating: 10

=== DINNER === Bovines in Murrells

Monday 10/25 -- CAROLINA NATIONAL:

Today I played with Gary(Leftygar). We played Heron and Egret. Conditions were good. The bent greens were decent, but showed signs of summer trouble around the edges, with 1 green
mostly bad, otherwise same story as at
CC + Pearl. The drive to CN is about 55 minutes from the Cane Patch, Long Bay Resort area and about 15 minutes further than RE. Rating: 8

Tuesday 10/26 -- BF FAZIO:

Rained on overseeded fairways so CPO. Bunkers were already raked well. Bent greens had more
bare spots than Pearl, CC, KN, but also had very good areas. The greens were good enough to
enjoy the course, but you would likely think they weren't good enough to justify the package rate.
I used a raincheck, so I wasn't concerned, as I wanted an 11:00 tee time on this day. BF was
busy in the AM, but empty in the PM, yet they
were still advertising business as usual $85 replay rates on the GPS, instead of offering a deal to get players back out on so-so greens. Rating: 9 
Wednesday 10/27 -- MBN WEST:
I played behind BIGRED's foursome, so we could meet for drinks/dinner after play. I played with a couple from MD and a single, who had qualified for the SR AM in the past. Fairway/tee conditions
were very good. Bent greens have full coverage,
but need more time to get smoother. This course
is forgiving, it's good for a warm-up round as needed. The steep back to front tilt on most
of the greens presents some interesting approach shots and putts. It hit 87° today. Rating: 6
=== DINNER === Giovannis (Like by all)

Thursday 10/28 -- TPC:

Another course repeat today, using up another raincheck. Today I played with a twosome of a group of 10 and a employee from an affiliated course. Considering the guy was playing for free
or cart fee, it would have been nice not to keep hearing how he wasn't impressed with TPC, during his first round there. Same conditions as 10/24. The cart girl and 2 photo takers were all hot today.
Rating: 10
Friday 10/29 -- RIVER CLUB:

I played with an employee and 2 of his friends. There is a warm-up net, putting green and chipping
green, but no range. The bent greens were good, but not as good as they usually are. There should be no concerns from now until the next heat wave. The rest of course was in great shape.
There is a good mount of water and a bunch of OB on the back 9, but overall RC is not a difficult
course, unless you are spraying it around.
Rating: 8

Saturday 10/30 -- BLACKMOOR:

I played with 2 guys from Ohio. The tifeagle
greens are small and an old style. They were in
the best condition I have seen them, since the tifeagle upgrade in 2003. The rest of the course
was also in good condition. There are plenty of doglegs, with all but 1 from left to right.
Except for #8 (split fairway), it's best to play
to the corner of the doglegs and leave dogleg cutting for scrambles. Not a difficult course, if you stay away from the OB. Rating: 7

Sunday 10/31 -- PLAYERS CLUB ST JAMES:

Today I played with 1Putt1 and his friend Dan. Conditions were good. The bent greens were
very good and fast, better than the previous bent greens courses. They have built a very nice clubhouse, since I was last there 8 years ago.
With this my 2nd round after 8 years, it was like playing a new course. It has a private club feel, which is what it mostly is. The course is
something like Leopards Chase, but it is more tree lined. Rating: 8

=== DINNER === Joey O's (Naturally as Bob's #1 rated pizza)


10  - Caledonia - TPC
9.5 - Kings North
9 - BF Fazio
8 - Arrowhead - Long Bay - CN - River Club - Players 
7 - Pearl East - Pearl West - Crow Creek - Blackmoor
6 - MBN West
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