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Dunes Golf & Beach Club

In 1992, Robert Trent Jones oversaw an extensive renovation of the golf course. The course greens were replaced with Penn Links bent grass greens for smoother playability. The contours of six holes were modified to make the course more player friendly. The most extensive renovations were the relocation of the 11th green and building a new tee box for hole #8. In April 2001, the Dunes Golf and Beach Club announced the completion of a $6 million renovation project which included modifications to the golf course.

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Course Review: 09-25-11 The Dunes, Glen Dornoch, Oyster Bay, Heather Glen

Sun- 9/25:  Heather Glen

The course was in really good condition all around, except extremely wet, so cart path only& mud balls, lift clean place, etc.  Played Red to White and then replayed blue for $27.  Threatened rain all day but held off so we stayed dry and played scheduled round in about 4 ½ hours.  This is my second time here and I like all 3 courses for the challenge, variety and seclusion& just a great day of golf.  Its also nice to be able to roll out of bed at the HG condo and be at the course in mere minutes.  Friendly staff and great breakfast sandwich in the grill to start the day, just wish it wasnt so wet  RECOMMENDED

Mon- 9/26:  Glen Dornoch:

The course was in really good condition all around, except extremely wet, so cart path only& mud balls, lift clean place, etc (notice a pattern forming?).  This was my first time here and I really liked the course for its challenge and scenery.  We started on #1 and finished in about 4 ½ hours.  Holes 16-18 are worth the price of admission alone.  We replayed the back nine for $27.  I miraculously played #17 at 1 under for the day& birdie the first time thru and par on the second try& clearly the highlight of my trip and better to be lucky than good.  Friendly staff and great breakfast sandwich in the grill to start the day, just wish it wasnt so wet  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Tue- 9/27:  Oyster Bay:

Awoke to heavy rain and thunderstorms this morning and the round at my favorite course in MB may be in jeopardy.  The round included breakfast, lunch and 2 draft beers per person so we head to the course for breakfast.  Were told by the friendly staff that the rain, thunder/lighting is just about over and they have a plan to get us out as soon as possible.  We headed out about 45 minutes after our scheduled time, cart path only, and played holes 1-3 before the heavens literally opened up& I dont think Ive ever seen it rain so hard.   We took shelter for about an hour and then it was over& brilliant sunshine and we started again on #4. 

Gators everywhere& a momma crawled out of the pond and on to the cart path to the left of #13 tee as we were teeing off& plenty of little babies around, another nesting in the pond in front of #14 green and another large one on the bank of #15 green.

Obviously the course was super wet (probably on top of how wet it was before the heavy rains) but we sloshed around and had a great day here.  Other than the wetness the course was in excellent shape and the greens were the best we played on all week& smooth and fairly quick, even soaking wet.  OB was the overall best conditioned course we played, without a doubt.  Not sure how long the round took due to the rain but I sure dont mind spending the day here  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Wed- 9/28:  Dunes Club:

Finally a day with no threat of rain and we could ride the fairways.  Not sure if they didnt get as much rain this close to the beach and/or the Dunes has different watering procedures but the course was relatively dry and after four days of CPO we needed this.  Had a little trouble finding the place but once we got there everything was fine. 

Smooth check-in and everyone was very friendly and welcoming.  Started on #1 and finished in about 4 hours.  The course has a nice, old style country club feel to it and was in good condition, but I just didnt get the WOW feeling I was expecting here.  Dont get me wrong, its nice and I enjoyed the experience (first time here) but I guess I was expecting something more from this highly regarded private course, but not sure what.  The one thing that did bother me was the amount of maintenance going on during play& it was like a construction site out there with mowers vacuuming the woods on just about every hole, and spraying/digging happening on most greens.  And whatever they were spraying was leaving large, white spots on the greens.  I understand that all courses need to do maintenance, and maybe we played on their big maintenance day, but what happened to a little peace and quiet on the golf course?  Regardless, I would recommend a play here for the experience but just temper your expectations  RECOMMENDED

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